This is my home.

Most people don’t realize that the Puget Sound area was occupied by natives at the time that the first white settlers came to the area. In fact the “city of Seattle” became known by its phrase after the start of a series of native rebellions from 1855 to 1858, which are referred to as “The Indian War”. During this time chief Si’ahl gave refuge to and helped protect a group of Euro-American settlers in what became referred to as the “city of Si’ahl”, a.k.a. the city of Seattle: A place of refuge.


I have a personal reason for creating this website. On my father’s side, my grandmother was Suquamish and my grandfather was Duwamish. This makes me one quarter Suquamish and one quarter Duwamish. My biggest question in the development of this website is this: how do I convince one quarter of my blood, my DNA, my ancestral heritage, ME ~ that WE do not exist?

Half of me comes from the Duwamish people who have occupied the Puget Sound area for thousands of years. Let me tell you from experience that when a people or a culture is treated like our native population was in the beginning, it effects the lives of the descendants for just as long. What you did to my people then, you do to me every day of my life. It is known in the bible as the generational curse. Cultures don’t often recover because the pride of the people was stolen.